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Isabella Rose – Bella Rose Healing Hands – Full Interview

Isabella Rose of Bella Rose Healing Hands is a published author and holistic health practitioner, who specializes in empowerment and recovery, while also maintaining a diverse and extensive background in healing modalities, including Angel Energy Healing, Reiki, Aromatherapy and Braintap Technology. She encourages and inspires others’ own creativity by touching upon their emotions, desires and […]

Princess Priceless Jewel – Empath, Medium & Intuitive Card Reader – Full Interview

Website: Jewel Intuitive Card Readings and Healing 44 Jewel is an Empath who hails from the Caribbean. She is blessed with the ability to offer deep spiritual insight; mapping out when trauma occurred into a person’s life and how it may have led to the present situation. She then offers advice and guidance from the Angels, […]

Debbie Z Almstedt on the How to Connect with Angels Podcast

Debbie Z Almstedt on the How to Connect with Angels podcast Debbie Z Almstedt’s unique connection to the Angelic Realm began during a Reiki session in 2002, when an Angel appeared to  inform her that the graceful symbols that Debbie had been drawing through automatic writing were Angelic healing symbols called Zibu.  Since then, Debbie […]

Debbie Garcia – Warrior/Princess/Queen for God – Full Interview

Website Garcia, is the founder of the explosive, forward thinking Spirituality Gone Wild! Debbie is an accomplished, graphic designer, TIME Heals facilitator (reiki on steroids)….and takes life coaching to a whole new level with breakthrough, customized methods in the most loving way imaginable.- Words don’t teach, life experience does. Come listen to her story, be […]

Ruth Anderson – Author and Enlightened World Network Creator – Full Interview

Dr. Ruth Anderson on the How to Connect with Angels podcast Website: Dr. Ruth Anderson is a lifelong student, teacher as well as an international best selling and award-winning author. Retired after a satisfying and worthwhile career in special education and public school administration, Ruth embraced her second calling – that of an intuitive reader and […]

Sue Ellis-Saller – Founder of Angel Business Basics – Full Interview

Website: Sue Ellis-Saller, the founder of Angel Business Basics and Spiritual Business Spotlight, is a Certified Angel Card Reader™, a Reiki and Energy Practitioner (Reiki/The Balance Procedure), a Certified Transformational Life Coach, and a Business Development Mentor.  She started Angel Business Basics because she wanted to help other Earth Angels and Light Workers to learn […]

Amanda Clarke – Voice of an Earth Angel Amanda Clarke – Voice of an Earth Angel – Full Interview

Website: Full Interview: Amanda Clarke is an American Artist, Writer, Angel Intuitive, Reiki Master, Crystal Therapist, and Spiritual guide. Amanda currently resides in England with… The post Amanda Clarke – Voice of an Earth Angel appeared first on ANGEL LADY Movie.

Leanne Berkseth – Reiki Healer & Empath Leanne Berkseth – Reiki Healer – Empath – Full Interview

Full Interview: Leanne “Lizzie” Berkseth is a certified Reiki healer, an awakened intuitive empath and human angel/indigo starseed based in Adelaide, Australia. Since childhood, Leanne… The post Leanne Berkseth – Reiki Healer & Empath appeared first on ANGEL LADY Movie.

Rosanne Lombardo Heaton Rosanne Lombardo Heaton – Full Interview

Full Interview: In this interview, we discuss: The Angel encounter that changed Rosanne’s life. Segment only audio: How does Reiki healing work? Segment only audio: Earth Angels… The post Rosanne Lombardo Heaton appeared first on ANGEL LADY Movie.