Angel Lady Movie Talk #8 / Conscious Body Energetics – Clearing Emotional Trauma

Ruth Gould Goodman developed and named Conscious Body Energetics – the integration of her many years as an Energy Healer, Acupuncturist and teacher of Somatic Engagement through body work, dance prayer and movement meditation. She is also deeply influenced and grateful for her years of work with Sufi Master, Adnan Sarhan. Ruth is the Author of, “The Sacred Book of U: Unveiling the Lost Teaching of the Deep Feminine”

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Angel Lady Movie Talk #7 – Welcome Home.

ShaRon Rea, a family therapist in Scottsdale, AZ, explains her breakthrough program for families waiting to receive a loved one back from prison. With Sheri Leigh Myers, host of ANGEL LADY Movie Talk. 

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ANGEL LADY Movie Talk #6, “Second Chance Farm”

Here’s an inspirational 15 minute chat with two dynamic horse women – Dr. Nancy Edwards Johnson and “First Light” Farm owner and trainer Lisa Stuckwisch, who are looking to launch a “Second Chance ” pilot program at Lisa’s farm, patterned after the successful “Second Chances Program at Lowell Correctional Institute in Ocala, Florida. In this brief interview with host Sheri Leigh Myers,  Nancy and Lisa discuss their connection to horses, the plans for the program, and all the great good it can do! #secondchances #secondchance #angellady #angel


It was my great fortune be introduced to “The Slumber Party from Hell,” an eye-opening memoir written by Sue Ellen Allen, who served 7 years in an Arizona prison, starting at the age of 57. This book shows us what really happens in prison. This book explains why people come out worse than they went in.

Sue Ellen described re-entry as: “Being shot out of a cannon into a brick wall.” What did she mean? We will meet three people who worked with Sue Ellen Allen and her ReInventing ReEntry program, created after her release from the Perrysville Prison in Arizona. This amazing program helps to raise awareness of the extreme challenges of re-entry for people leaving prison.

Shamia Lodge, ShaRon Rea, and Douglas Reed will share about their profound experience of Sue Ellen and the programs they are committed to moving forward in her memory.

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ANGEL LADY Movie Talk #4 Karen Palmer, “Kindness is not weakness”

Karen Palmer, creator of “Global Kindness Gone Viral” leads an 8 minute prayer for Peace in Ukraine and speaks about the Power of Kindness with Host Sheri Leigh Myers.15 minutes total.  Follow us for more inspiration @AngelLadyMovie on FB #angelladymovie

ANGEL LADY Movie Talk #3 Changing the Narrative for Women Prisoners.

Join Host Sheri Leigh Myers for the third ANGEL LADY Movie Talk where we will discuss the challenges facing women released from prison and the compassionate solutions that benefit all of our communities. 

Hear about Dr. Nancy Johnson’s 20 year experience as a prison therapist, and her vision for a “Second Chance” – like horse farm devoted to training decarcerated women in Central Ohio. 

ShaRon Rea, creator of “No Judgment. Just Love.” will share her Family Reunification Program and the legacy of Sue Ellen Allen.

Sue Ellen’s BRILLIANT Ted Talk :“Re-Inventing Re-Entry”

Karen Palmer, creator of “Global Kindness Gone Viral” – will talk about programs for children traumatized by the foster care system.

Interview with Edgar Pablos, Director of ANGEL LADY

From the Angel Heart Radio Facebook page:

✨ Edgar Pablos shares his vision for the ANGEL LADY – MOVIE, which introduces us to Ella, fresh from her 2 years in prison, and her 13-year-old son, Danny.

✨ They’re barely making ends meet when a mysterious glitch appears on Ella’s old television.

✨ Ella is skeptical when her neighbors call the glitch an Angel, but when miracles seem to occur, she is glad to cash in…

💗 ANGEL LADY – a feature film directed by Edgar Pablos, produced by Sheridan Film Company, JP Wetzel, and Carol Bidault de l’Isle – is shooting late Fall 2021 in Socorro, Texas.