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ANGEL LADY MOVIE TALK interviews Dan Moore, Producer — Sheridan Film Company

In 1979, Dan Moore had completed all of his Ph.D. exams in the English Department of The Ohio State University.  He was making desultory progress on his dissertation, when a movie came to town.  Like any self-respecting grad student, Dan snapped up a job as a P.A. on BRUBAKER and never looked back. That stint […]

Karen’s Miracle

Karen Archipley of Archi’s Institute shares her recent medical miracle, facilitated by John Bueche, a Texan and healer. For real! Sheri Leigh Myers interviews them for ANGEL LADY Movie Talk podcast. 30 min. #angelladymovietalk #angellady

“Mentors and Movie Stars”. Interview with Angel Lady director Edgar Pablos Part 2

ANGEL LADY director Edgar Pablos tells great stories about the directors and the movie stars who impacted his career. Joe Dante, Mike Figgis, Jamie Blanks, Antoine Fuqua. Actors James Earl Jones, James  Coburn, Selma Hayek, Jared Lehto. 60 min. Edgar comes from the U.S./Mexico borderlands of El Paso, Texas. Born to a Spanish-speaking family, he not […]

Miraculous Coincidences & Legendary Directors / Interview with Angel Lady director Edgar Pablos

In this entertaining interview with ANGEL LADY director Edgar Pablos, he discusses hisearly years – learning English from watching movies, the challenges of USC FilmSchool, how getting fired led to working with legend Walter Hill, and how the music ofcomposer Ennio Morricone led to a job with Joe Dante. Edgar comes from the U.S./Mexico borderlands […]

Angel Lady Movie Talk #9 / Why we Cook for the Community Fridge

Sheri Leigh Myers interviews five of her fellow New Orleanians who work together to supply meals for the Third Street Fridge. What are the challenges and what are the great benefits to this service? How are the Third Street cooks building a community based on generosity and abundance? After listening to the inspirational conversations with […]

Angel Lady Movie Talk #8 / Conscious Body Energetics – Clearing Emotional Trauma

Ruth Gould Goodman developed and named Conscious Body Energetics – the integration of her many years as an Energy Healer, Acupuncturist and teacher of Somatic Engagement through body work, dance prayer and movement meditation. She is also deeply influenced and grateful for her years of work with Sufi Master, Adnan Sarhan. Ruth is the Author […]

Angel Lady Movie Talk #7 – Welcome Home.

ShaRon Rea, a family therapist in Scottsdale, AZ, explains her breakthrough program for families waiting to receive a loved one back from prison. With Sheri Leigh Myers, host of ANGEL LADY Movie Talk.  #secondchances #angelladymovie

ANGEL LADY Movie Talk #6, “Second Chance Farm”

Here’s an inspirational 15 minute chat with two dynamic horse women – Dr. Nancy Edwards Johnson and “First Light” Farm owner and trainer Lisa Stuckwisch, who are looking to launch a “Second Chance ” pilot program at Lisa’s farm, patterned after the successful “Second Chances Program at Lowell Correctional Institute in Ocala, Florida. In this […]


It was my great fortune be introduced to “The Slumber Party from Hell,” an eye-opening memoir written by Sue Ellen Allen, who served 7 years in an Arizona prison, starting at the age of 57. This book shows us what really happens in prison. This book explains why people come out worse than they went […]

ANGEL LADY Movie Talk #4 Karen Palmer, “Kindness is not weakness”

Karen Palmer, creator of “Global Kindness Gone Viral” leads an 8 minute prayer for Peace in Ukraine and speaks about the Power of Kindness with Host Sheri Leigh Myers.15 minutes total.  Follow us for more inspiration @AngelLadyMovie on FB #angelladymovie