Debbie Z Almstedt on the How to Connect with Angels Podcast

Debbie Z Almstedt on the How to Connect with Angels podcast

Debbie Z Almstedt’s unique connection to the Angelic Realm began during a Reiki session in 2002, when an Angel appeared to  inform her that the graceful symbols that Debbie had been drawing through automatic writing were Angelic healing symbols called Zibu.  Since then, Debbie has been recreating these powerful symbols in a variety of forms, starting with jewelry crafted from various metals and semi-precious stones.  She is guided on every step throughout the creative process, and each piece is infused with love and healing energies to assist the recipient. Her jewelry is available at her online Etsy shop.

The Angels have also guided Debbie in healing energy work using Zibu symbols, which she does in-person or remotely from beyond. Debbie also developed Henna Therapy, where energy work is performed through the application to the skin of hand-drawn temporary henna designs of embellished Zibu symbols. Every design is done intuitively and is unique for each client. 

Debbie Z Almstedt is also the author of two books  “Zibu: The Power of Angelic Symbology” as well as “Illuminated Prayers & Zibu Meditations.”  Debbie Z is also the creator of a deck of cards featuring the symbols called “Zibu Angelic Symbols Affirmation & Oracle Deck”

Debbie is originally from Washington state but currently lives in Arizona and can be contacted by email to schedule a reading at

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