An ex-con single mom exploits a mysterious glitch on her television – but her dark past threatens to derail the Angel Lady’s new life with her son.

As a feel-good, family friendly crossover film, ANGEL LADY offers a relevant message of inclusiveness and hope in the shadow of the Border Wall.

As Americans wrestle with the issues of immigration that divide our country, ANGEL LADY offers a positive, intimate view of a culture that is foreign to so many of us, that displays resilience and love and willingness to help others.

Our director, Edgar Pablos, is a first-generation American. His parents brought him to the United States from Mexico as a child. He spent his formative years in El Paso experiencing both cultures, and the impact of the Border Wall on the communities.

The theme of the film is, “Angels are everywhere,” demonstrated by the compassion and kindness shown to Ella, a stranger with an unknown past. Her story provides an outsider’s view into a Mexican-American border town. She works in a traditional Mexican restaurant where we hear music that is reflective of the border culture. The community is warm and accepting.

Ella’s struggle to adapt to life outside of prison and rebuild her relationship with her son illustrate the issues of the formerly incarcerated. She feels alone with the mistakes of her past; she rejects the idea that she is the Angel Lady. Her journey of transformation is intended to inspire anyone who feels imprisoned by their past.

In the wake of the recent pandemic, ANGEL LADY delivers a powerful and timely message about restarting our lives. Throughout the world, across virtually all religions, there is widespread interest in and affection for Angels as heralds of hope. The story of Ella’s spiritual renewal is non-denominational and universal.

We aim to create a contemporary American classic, set on our border for all the world to embrace.