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Teri Angel – Happiness Coach and Angelspeaker


Full Interview:


Teri Angel is a woman on a mission! The mission is huge and includes bringing in more love and light into the world, creating a community where peace is the primary objective. Here are some ways she is spreading her light and her message:

Coffee and Conversation

  • Sitting by a beautiful river in Central Florida, Teri Angel and Jeryl Anne broadcast at 7:30 am EDT,  interacting with people throughout the world, taking a “temperature” of how everyone is doing and lifting up everyone. At 8:30, Teri leads a meditation time with prayers being sent up for anyone who expresses a concern or desire, also lifting up our Earth and every inhabitant including nature and animals. Check it out here:

Gratitude Happy Hour

  • Teri Angel broadcasts every Tuesday at 5:00 pm EDT with different guests each week to discuss tools and tips to help all of us look at ways we can process our emotions after we go through life’s challenges. This show is full of gratitude and spreads hope and compassion for all. Check it out here:

Real Talk Meditate

  • Teri Angel leads a guided meditation every Wednesday which is also a part of A Meditation A Day. These meditations are inspired by the angels and Teri opens up to their guidance to speak spontaneously as they channel the meditation. Check it out here:

In her first interview, we discuss:

We cannot change the planet overnight, but we can change ourselves this very minute. Segment only audio:

How, when we release our negativity, miracles happen. Segment only audio:

Can you change “Are we there yet?” to “Am I HERE yet?” Segment only audio:

How self-love feeds that beautiful spirit inside. Segment only audio:

It’s out there! Happiness just waits for you to claim it.  Segment only audio:

How to create an attitude of gratitude with your Gratitude Vase. Segment only audio:

How to pivot away from the negative and let it go to the Angels. Segment only audio:

Second Interview:

Guided Meditation:

Angelspeaker Teri Angel on My Angel Prayer

Connect with Teri Angel:



YouTube meditations:

Twitter: @angelspeakers


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