Dr. Nancy Edwards Johnson
Nancy Johnson is a clinical psychologist in Columbus, Ohio. She worked as a therapist at the Ohio Reformatory for Women for twenty years. During her years of working with incarcerated women, she recognized the critical need for women to have support as they return to society. After researching an equine training program that has successfully operated in the women’s prison in Ocala, Fl for over two decades (See “Second Chances” video), Nancy recognized the power of the therapeutic connection between the women and horses. Her mission is to create a re-entry equine skills training program in Central Ohio that will provide decarcerated women career opportunities to work with horses.
Karen Palmer
Karen Palmer is Founder of Globalkindness Going Viral and Puppy Love Revolution. She is a singer and songwriter who writes uplifting music in the style of Weird Al mindful parodies. These are songs of compassion and kindness with mindful, conscious lyrics that raise the vibration on the planet. She is a best-selling author and creates musical coloring books, toys, and games to raise the levels of compassion, gratitude, joy, kindness, and Peace On Earth. to learn more.
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ShaRon Rea
ShaRon Rea works as a Life and Family Coach, educating and inspiring parents and children to live together with love, respect and cooperation. She is the Founder of the Global Movement – No Judgment. Just Love. ShaRon invites us to move beyond judgments that divide, to consciously lead with LOVE in our thoughts, words and actions. – Champion for Outstanding Family Relationships.
Shamia Lodge
Shamia Lodge is an Human Resource leader with over 15 years as a corporate professional. She is a certified Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion expert and a fellow at CEO Action for Racial Equity. Where she leads a corporate engagement strategy focused on mobilizing untapped talent by de-stigmatizing reentry through support of fair chance hiring. She is interim president of ReInventing ReEntry, started by Sue Ellen Allen
Douglas McNeill Reed
Douglas McNeill Reed is a military veteran and dedicated social justice/mental health advocate. He currently serves as the Director of Partnerships for Black Men Heal. He has lectured in courses at Columbia University. that address concerns regarding correctional systems and institutions. Doug is well known as a face of Black Men Heal as the host of King’s Corner-a free weekly virtual mental health support group that has serviced over 1000 men across the country.