Sheri Leigh Myers on “Lit Up Soul” with Tracey Gazel

Sheri Leigh Myers is a screenwriter, producer, activist and podcaster, keenly interested in how we can personally, culturally, politically, and spiritually transform our lives to create community based on love, truth, and equality.

Sheri hosts “How to Connect with Angels” podcast, conducting interviews with authors, channels, religious leaders, therapists and healers all over the world who work with the Angelic realm.  The podcast embodies and explores the message, “Angels are Everywhere.”

It is with this same intent that Sheri Leigh Myers and Sheridan Film Company have created My Angel Prayer on Amazon Alexa. The Skill offers FREE thirty-second prayers created and spoken by Angel Practitioners from around the world. You’ll see – taking less than a minute to listen can shift your entire day.

Sheri’s first screenplay, written with Edward Kovach, ANGEL LADY, about a strange phenomenon on an old TV set, is now a Sheridan Film Company production, set to film in El Paso with Edgar Pablos directing. Sheri and her husband, Emmy Award-winner Dan Moore, will serve as lead producers.

Recently published is her book “IT’S TOO LATE TO QUIT” – Messages & Musings by Sheri Leigh Myers, and it’s available now on Amazon in both digital and print editions. Sheri additionally writes a blog titled “It’s Still Too Late To Quit”.

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Sheri Leigh Myers on My Angel Prayer