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ANGEL LADY Movie Presents

The How to Connect with Angels Podcast

Hosted by Sheri Leigh Myers

About our Podcast

Angel Lady, a film shooting soon (once the 2020 COVID outbreak resolves), comes bearing one central message: "Angels are everywhere".

Angels are universally revered and celebrated across various faiths, religions and belief systems. These ethereal beings are seen as spiritual companions, carriers of prayers, messengers from the heavens, comforting presences in difficulty, reminders of love and light in darkness. Regardless of the incarnation of such divine energies, belief in the power of these supernatural beings has permeated the seams of our human fabric in immeasurable ways.

Our "How to Connect with Angels" Podcast takes an in-depth approach in exploring this world of believers to discover and illuminate the power, impact and influence of angels on lives. Host Sheri Leigh Myers takes listeners on an unforgettable journey of supernatural proportions as she interviews enlightened and inspired individuals across the globe.

In sharing the miraculous testimonies and profound insights of our podcast guests with listeners, the producers of the ANGEL LADY film present this unique podcast to offer all the opportunity to learn How to Connect with Angels.

In unity with the film, the "How to Connect with Angels" podcast carries the same message of inspiration - "Angels are everywhere".

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How to Connect with Angels

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