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Getting Started: Step-by-Step

For those new to the podcasting world, here are some detailed instructions with accompanying screenshots to help you along the way. You will need three things to get started:
  • A computer,
  • Podcasting software (iTunes, for instance), and
  • An internet connection (faster connections mean a faster download)
Complete the following steps to subscribe to the How to Connect with Angels podcast via iTunes:
  1. Download iTunes to your computer (PC or Mac).
  2. Install iTunes on your computer.
  3. Open the iTunes application.
  4. In the horizontal menu appearing at the top of the page, click "File."
  5. After the drop-down menu displays, click the ninth line item, "Subscribe to Podcast..."
  6. After a dialogue box pops up, enter the following URL (don't include the quotation marks), "" into the text area. Click "OK" and you have successfully subscribed to the podcast!
  7. Click on the "Podcasts" button in the left navigation bar of iTunes. In the podcast directory to its right, you will find the title of the podcast, "THE GLITCH." By default, the latest program should be downloading to your computer.
  8. Once the program is finished downloading, select the program you'd like to listen to. Then, you can either double-click the program title or click on the play button at the top of the application window and your show will begin playing.
  9. By default, the next time you open iTunes, the application will automatically check to see if the latest THE GLITCH podcast is available for download. If you wish to change this or other settings for THE GLITCH podcast, click the "Settings" icon next to the podcast title and play button button at the top of the podcast screen in iTunes. You can configure a variety of settings for your podcasts, including the frequency to check for new episodes, what to do when a new episode is available, and how many downloaded episodes to keep in your library. Now, you're dialed in to each regular show with Sheri Leigh Myers. Listen to the latest THE GLITCH program on your computer, on your mp3 player, burn it to CD — and take it anywhere you want!
The ANGEL LADY film podcast - HOW TO CONNECT WITH ANGELS - is free and anyone can subscribe to it using intermediate podcast software applications - like Apple's iTunes. You can download the audio file (in mp3 format) and you can stream the audio (such as via SoundCloud).