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Michelle Newten – The Aussie Angel Lady


NEW!! Guided Meditation:

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In this interview, we discuss:

How 30 years of nursing prepared Michelle to work with Angels. Segment only audio:

The miracle of meeting a parallel life at a Doreen Virtue course. Segment only audio:

The magical components of the Angel’s Toolbox. Segment only audio:

Why people all over the world are embracing Angels. Segment only audio:

The magical components of the Angel’s Toolbox. Segment only audio:

Why people all over the world are embracing Angels. Segment only audio:

How Michelle conducts Oracle Readings – the messages she receives. Segment only audio:

The AOK Center – experience the power of working with Angels. Segment only audio:

Michelle Newten is a respected Australian spiritual teacher, healer and Angelic Medium affectionately known as “The Aussie Angel Lady”. She is the author of a series of inspirational Angelic teachings that are collectively known as “The Angels Toolbox”. Her passion is to spread kindness and teach people how to connect with their Angels. She is the founder of AOK (Angels of Kindness), “The Angels of Kindness Fund” and the “AOK Online Academy”.

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