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Marcia Martin – The Heart Healer


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Heal your heart, transform your life!

Marcia Martin M Ed – The Heart Healer, specializes in helping those who have been the victim of abuse to heal from that pain and trauma so they can become victorious in all areas of their lives. Calling upon her extensive education and her intuitive gifts as well as angelic assistance, she’ll bring you a breakthrough in gentle transformation. Using her proprietary method: The Angel Heart Healing Technique, she guides you in accessing the memories that are holding you, prisoner. By eliminating the unconscious program that’s running in the background and sabotaging your life, you become victorious and experience true freedom.

Her program targets the energetic heart center where every emotional memory and its triggers are stored. Once these memories are cleared and healed you’ll be able to live life on your terms, as your authentic self, empowered to live your life on purpose as the person you came here to be. Release your biggest fear so you can achieve your greatest dream by healing your heart and transforming your life!

Message her for a complimentary, thirty-minute Angel Heart Healing Breakthrough consultation at

Guided Meditation:

“Becoming the Master Creator of our Life” Guided Meditation:

Marcia Martin on My Angel Prayer

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Contact Phone No. (323) 336-5852

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