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Karen Lovero – Author, Angelic Channeler

Full Interview:

In this interview, we discuss:

The Angelic Experience that changed Karen’s Life. Segment only audio:

What is the sound of an Angel’s voice? Segment only audio:

How Karen developed her ability to channel. Segment only audio:

LIVE, LEARN, LOVE… How Karen’s book was channeled from God and the Angels. Segment only audio:

How to pray to Archangel Chamuel for balance. Segment only audio:

The spiritual price we pay for gossip. Segment only audio:


Affirmations to help bring about balance. Segment only audio:

Karen Lovero is an Author, Angelic Channeler, Certified Angel Card Reader, and ordained minister.  She channels messages, prayers, and affirmations from the Archangels and from beings of the highest light. Karen is the co-author with Dr. Gale Minchew, of the newly published, LIVE, LEARN, LOVE; Rediscover Your Life Purpose in 10 Days. Karen conducts readings through her “Certified Angel Card Reader” Facebook page. Also on Facebook, she is founder of two groups: “Angelic Affirmations” and the fast-growing “Angel, Oracle, and Tarot Cards” group.

She lives in Florida with her husband and four children.

Connect with Karen Lovero:

Karen Lovero’s Angelic Encounter

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