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Julie Melo – Angel Intuitive


Full Interview:

In this interview, we discuss:

How Julie’s cancer diagnosis led to her “Aha!” moment. Segment only audio:

How can we live with Grace through a crisis? Segment only audio:

What cancer taught Julie Melo. Segment only audio:

How Julie opened up to Angelic Healing while being treated for cancer. Segment only audio:

What is the message from the Angels for Humankind? Segment only audio:

Healing with Julie/Giuliana. Segment only audio:

How Forgiveness Heals. Segment only audio:

Giuliana Melo is a contributing author to the bestsellers 365 Days Of Angel Prayers and 365 Moments of Grace. She is a certified angel card reader and Reiki Practioner. Her cancer diagnosis in 2011 provided the pivotal moment to expand her spiritual awareness and opened the way for her healing, by the Grace of God.

Julie Melo recently retired from 32 years in health care. She has been married for 29 years and has an 18-year-old son.

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  1. MARY Giuliano MARY Giuliano

    A wonderful interview with good insight and knowledge. The personal story oh healing is very inspirational and the message that this is available to anyone that wants to put in the work is clear. Thank you

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