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Joseph LoBrutto III – Man of God


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WhiteshirtThose who have met Joseph LoBrutto feel that God is working through him as a medium, spiritual healer and channel of the sacred.  Known for his warm heart and humble nature, Joseph has helped countless people grieving with the loss of a loved one by delivering validating messages of love, hope and joy from the departed soul.

Joseph is known as a Spiritual Healing Medium working in the vibration as of John of God (Brazil). This great man foretold Joseph’s healing gifts several years ago. Today, many have witnessed the miraculous healing of major diseases, emotional and physical trauma, depression, and addictions, while also receiving spiritual balance for a healthy mind, body and soul.

As a sacred channel to Angels and Spirit Guides, Joseph conveys godly words of wisdom in his writings of books, audio books, cards and meditation recordings.

Joseph LoBrutto III has been tested by Medium Channel to have an accuracy rating of over 90% in his psychic and mediumistic ability. He has received awards and is listed as one of the Top 100 Psychics in America. Joseph has been interviewed by NBC and ABC television along with numerous radio shows, major newspapers and magazines.

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Facebook Page Joseph LoBrutto: Spiritual Healing Medium

Joseph can be reached at 561-433-4012.  He is available for private and group sessions.



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