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Joan of Angels – Oracle, Ascension Master, Soul Artist


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Joan of Angels, also known as Dr. Joan Hangarter, D. C., is a spiritual teacher, soul artist, intuitive coach and author, who helps people remember who they are, overcome their challenges, and step into their destiny.  When you work with Joan of Angels, you will find your visions clear, obstacles dissolve, and renewed courage to follow your callings and, hear what your guides and angels want you to know now.

In 2013, artist Joan Hangarter heard the call of the Earth Messengers, "Paint us and we will come.” An occasional painter since 2000, Dr. Hangarter had been a successful chiropractor, an author and founder of The Miracle Makers Club.  But in 2013, she dropped everything and began to paint transformative paintings of angels she calls Earth Messengers. Book a private consultation or ascended master trainings, take home a personal painting or oracle art designed to align with your energies, and step into the higher vibrations of light.

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