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Jean Maurie Puhlman – Angel Channeler


Full Interview:

Jean Maurie PuhlmanJean Maurie is a personal empowerment coach who teaches people how to release what is blocking them from living the life they desire. With the help of angel cards and messages, Jean calls in powerful, loving angels to cut the cords holding her clients back from experiencing all that life has to offer. Jean Maurie uses EFT – tapping – as a healing modality and will describe how it helped cure her agoraphobia.


In this interview, we discuss:

How Jean Maurie released the severe trauma of her early childhood to clear a connection to her Divinity and her Angels. Segment only audio:

How the Angels brought Jean Maurie’s husband to her door when she suffered from agoraphobia. Segment only audio:

How EFT (Tapping) and group counseling and the Angel’s support helped to heal Jean Maurie’s agoraphobia. Segment only audio:

Angel Card Reader Jean Maurie describes how she works to help people heal around the world. Segment only audio:

NEW!! Guided Meditation:

Jean Maurie Puhlman on My Angel Prayer

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  1. Susan Wenb Susan Wenb

    Grateful for Jean Mairies insights and positive energy!

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