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Claudia Ibarra – Angel Practitioner


Full Interview:

In this interview, we discuss:

Claudia Ibarra describes her childhood as an intuitive, and her mission in NYC to awaken people. Segment only audio:

Claudia describes how the Angels help to free us from fear. Segment only audio:

Claudia shares her direct experiences of Angelic energies. Segment only audio:

Claudia discusses her monthly Angelscopes column. Segment only audio:

Claudia discusses her work as a Fairyologist. Segment only audio:

Claudia shares the message from the Angels. Segment only audio:

Claudia discusses her show on Angelic Realms Radio. Segment only audio:

Claudia Ibarra is a Certified Angel Card Reader™, Realm Reader™ and Fairyologist™ trained by Doreen Virtue. Claudia hosts a show every Sunday on Angelic Realms Radio – AND is the author of Angelscopes – the monthly Horoscope, with an Angelic twist!

Additionally, she is a certified Flower Therapy Healer, a member of the International Association of Angel Practitioners, as well as an ordained minister by Universal Life Church and the American Marriage Ministries.

Claudia Ibarra provides attunements for removing energy blockages, 13 Ascended Master attunement, 4 Holy Archangels, and more.


Connect with Claudia Ibarra:





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