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Bernadette Garvin – Empathic Intuitive, Medical Psychic, Medium and Healer


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Bernadette Garvin is a Registered Psychotherapist and Counselor, as well as a Registered Nurse with an expertise in Oncology and Psycho-Oncology, Bereavement and Loss, Sudden Death and Suicide.

As a child Bernadette had the gift of “knowing” – a Divine Connection with Angels, nature and animals.Following a near-death experience where she left her body and went to a tunnel of white light with tall beings that she now identifies as Angels, her gifts began to develop and continue to do so to this day.IMG_9580

Her Angelic work comes from an open heart of unconditional love and compassion for all.  She has trained as a Certified Angel Card Reader, Angel Intuitive and Certified Angel Practitioner,  Reiki Healer, Mindfulness Coach, Creative Art Therapist, Laughter Coach and Crystal Energy Healer.

Today, she combines all the above by channeling messages and giving guidance and healing.  The Angelic Messages that are channeled through her:  “There Is Always Hope.”

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