Miraculous Coincidences & Legendary Directors / Interview with Angel Lady director Edgar Pablos

In this entertaining interview with ANGEL LADY director Edgar Pablos, he discusses his
early years – learning English from watching movies, the challenges of USC Film
School, how getting fired led to working with legend Walter Hill, and how the music of
composer Ennio Morricone led to a job with Joe Dante.

Edgar comes from the U.S./Mexico borderlands of El Paso, Texas. Born to a Spanish-
speaking family, he not only learned to speak English watching American movies but
also to assimilate and understand the world through storytelling.

He made his short film directorial debut with his magical realist western, Agua Dulce,
which won several awards nationally and internationally, including Jury Prize/Best Short
Film at the Ajijic International Film Festival in Mexico, Silver Award at the Houston
International Film Festival, and Finalist at the 33rd Annual USA Film Festival in Dallas,
Texas. Agua Dulce was the Featured Short Film at the Hispanic Cultural Center
Inauguration Ceremonies in Albuquerque, NM, and was an Official Selection at several
more U.S. film festivals, including New York, Chicago, Santa Monica and Santa Fe.

With writing and producing partner Judith Cummings, Pablos formed Tribesmen
Pictures, a production company where he directs, writes, edits, and produces in multiple
formats including: documentaries, commercials, PSAs, and educational programming.
Clients include: Time Warner Cable, USC Latino Alumni Association, Charming Asia
Tours, SABEResPODER, TELACU, California State University, Los Angeles Area
Chamber of Commerce, San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, AECOM, and
MALDEF, the nation’s leading Latino civil rights organization.


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