Mimi Kennedy Interview Pt. 2

Politics and Our Future. 

Mimi Kennedy Interview Part Two with Sheri Leigh Myers, ANGEL LADY Movie Talk Podcast. Topics covered! Entertaining and Inspirational.

  • How Sheri & Mimi met Saving Democracy in 2005
  • The Upstate NY Kennedys vs the Upstart  Boston Kennedys
  • The Toxicity of Cynicism
  • Mimi’s Blog
  • Matilda Joslyn Gage – Pioneer Feminist deserted by her movement, and her legacy, the “Wizard of Oz.”
  • Fossil Fuel Fueled Hormonal Interference and it’s effect.
  • As Grace Slick says, “Feed Your Head.”  Parting Words of Beauty


Mimi Kennedy has been an bright presence on our tv screens since the 1970’s. Her most notable TV roles are Marjorie Armstrong on MOM for 8 seasons and ‘Abby O’Neil’ on the hit 90’s television series DHARMA & GREG. Among her numerous film projects are  MIDIGHT IN PARIS directed by Woody Allen and the hilarious IN THE LOOP, written and directed by Armando Ianucci.

Mimi’s mid-life memoir, “Taken to the Stage: the Education of an Actress” is now in re-release, and we will be discussing it today.  This review, by legendary actor John Lithgow says it all: “Taken to the Stage is a testament to the humor, self-knowledge, and wisdom of the splendid Mimi Kennedy. Her book is an actor’s memoir, to be sure, and a fine one, but she has far more on her mind than just show business. She addresses her reader in snappy, delightful prose, like a warm-hearted friend with a hundred stories to tell. Some are funny, some are touching, and all of them  expand our sense of Mimi –  her career, her life, and her fabulous, frantic profession. Reading this lovely book, you savor it all.”

Mimi lives in Los Angeles, CA with her husband of over 40 years, Larry Dilg; an actor, educator and musician. They have two grown children, two grandchildren and an adorable dog. 

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Politics, Conscience, Catholicism, Contraception, Trump-And Me

Taken to The Stage: The Education of an Actress is now available in paperback, eBook, and on Audible.

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