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To Serve or Not to Serve? – The Eileen Anglin Interview

Written By Sangi Dave

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Eileen Anglin’s message is to help people elevate their lives in a way that is so down to earth!  She says: “Our work is not about transcending this world to get to a better place; our work is to be fully present here; to heal ourselves, and our planet in the spirit of service and compassion.”  I really love how she explains that our work is to heal – to move past our fears and our feelings of not being good enough.


As a woman of color, I struggle quite deeply with feelings of not being good enough in both the eastern and western cultures. This is not my struggle alone but belongs to so many around me. This political turmoil that has gripped the United States has exacerbated the feelings of minorities everywhere. We see the angry, politically charged posts on social media, which Eileen mentions. This is anger that must be healed.

It is especially in these times that we need to work on ourselves and our hurts so that we can help heal the world together, in the spirit of service. And what is so key in this effort is avoiding the trap of narcissism and self-absorption, as Eileen cautions. I can certainly relate to this, because there is a seductive allure to going within and staying within, in the spirit of self-discovery. But as Eileen says, we must emerge from this self-absorption. It is service to others that is essential to our spiritual development. And it is that commitment that really opens up our relationship to the angels. I had a really profound and prolonged mystical experience in which I was able to go within to emerge as a loving citizen of humanity. The more I gave to others in service, the more I felt light grow within me. It was really such an amazing experience.  I remember feeling the thrill of introspection – of seeing the inner dynamics of how the mind works and the various layers of my unconscious mind. The introspection, however, did not turn into self-absorption.  If anything, the more love I felt inside for myself and the divine within, the more I felt love for others. I remember feeling so inspired to help others solve their problems and experience joy.  So there is a very personal place inside of me that was touched when I heard Eileen talk about working on ourselves without falling into the trap of narcissism.

As Eileen emphatically says, we are co-creators with the angels. This is really powerful if you let it sink in. If you just listen to the miracles that Eileen has experienced, with the angels palpably present to help her avoid disasters, you have to ask yourself: “How does she do it?” How can each one of us have a relationship to the angels at such a profound and intimate level?  Eileen guides us as she explains that you have to first have the desire to open up to them and work through your fear.  You have to understand your role as a co-creator, rather than a passive recipient of angelic communication.

Eileen really offers a concrete and down-to-earth understanding of not only our relationship with the angels, but of our relationship to the planet and humanity as a whole.  

I whole-heartedly recommend you give yourself the gift of connection to this amazing, inspiring woman; listen to her brief interview on our podcast: HOW TO CONNECT WITH ANGELS.

Click here for the “How to Connect with Angels” podcast interview link

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