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Letter from Deborah Merlin, Los Angeles

I was driving a rented van while my car was in the repair shop. While running errands, I parked and set the brake on the van (since the parking spot was at a slight inclined). I was pulling out of the parking lot onto the street when I realized I had forgotten to unset the brake. The van was close to the intersection and the light had turned green. The more I tried to release the brake, the more the van would stall. Cars were quickly approaching me, honking their horns and slamming on their brakes to avoid hitting me. Knowing it was a life/death situation, I immediately surrendered to my angels, asking for help. As soon as the prayer was done, there was a woman standing at my door. She wore a baseball cap and had a pony tail and granny glasses. She told me how to release the brake and it worked. I looked up to thank her but she was gone, nowhere to be seen. I thought maybe she was in a blind spot and I could not see her or perhaps she was an angel and slipped right back into the angel dimension. A sense of peace, gratitude and wonderment came over me as I drove off.

Angel tip: When I’m out and about in a busy city, parking spots can be hard to find. I always ask my angels to save a parking space for me. They always come through. I never believe it when a public parking garage says it is full. I enter anyway and always finding an open space nearby.

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