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A gritty fable about finding our Angels.

A feature film with music, shooting in Texas, 2021.

Our heroine Ella was a professional singer until she detoured into a two-year prison stretch. She starts over in a small town on the southern border, determined to make it up to her thirteen-year-old son Danny.

They’re barely making ends meet when a mysterious glitch appears on Ella’s old television. She is skeptical when her neighbors call the glitch an Angel, but when miracles seem to occur, Ella is glad to cash in.

The town divides into factions for and against “The Angel Lady.” Soon the stakes grow even higher. Ella’s abusive ex-boyfriend and a publicity-seeking local politician team up to threaten all of Ella’s hopes and dreams.

Ella resists the temptation to betray the supporters who believe in her.  However, finally the pressures on her become too much to bear. On a dark and stormy night, Ella attempts to outrun her problems. The surprising resolution to her spiritual crisis brings our feel-good movie to its inspiring end.