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Sue Broome – Spiritual Guide


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Sue Broome is a wise and compassionate spiritual guide. She helps connect you with your angels, spirit guides, crossed-over loved ones, and most importantly, to yourself.

She is a published author, healer, angel communicator and radio show host who brings forth clear messages. She is also a speaker, teacher, channel and ordained minister. Sue conducts workshops in-person and online, giving talks related to empowerment, living your true and authentic self, discovering your own gifts and strengthening your connections to your angels, spirit guides and loved ones.

In her angelic work – including her radio program Angel Talk with Sue on (every Wednesday at 9PM EST)  Here’s the link: International Angels Network 

Sue’s goal is for you to walk away with answers, energetic tools and a sense of empowerment in who you are and where you are going. She will leave you feeling heard and understood.

In her private sessions with clients, Sue combines several healing modalities. Sue takes her lead from the Angels so each session is unique for you for that moment in time.

Enjoy free weekly angel card readings by video on Sue’s YouTube channel along with her daily card readings found on Instagram and Facebook.

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Guided Meditation:

Sue Broome on My Angel Prayer

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Connect with Sue Broome

Facebook Pages  Empowerment4You

Instagram suebroome44



Book on Amazon: Signs From Your Loved Ones


  1. I love all of Sue Broome’s interviews and meditations. She is so gifted at communicating with the Angels and passing on their wisdom to help others on their spiritual journey.

  2. Jackie Bang Jackie Bang

    Sue has helped me so much on my journey of love, life and empowerment. I believe she really is intune with a higher realm and with her angels. I have asked for advice without tellin her anything of whats going on in my life and she hits the nail on the head every single time. Every single time all of her guidance resonates with me and my situation. Just recently she did another mini reading for me and it was the most on point reading i have ever received. Word for word i was in awe. Because of Sue and her beautiful angel messages I am standing tall in my power and i am living in the present. If i ever have a weak moment i go back to the readings and remember all that she said and i stay on the right path. She really is a great life coach. I feel better than ever and i feel so loved by my friends, family and Universe. Everytime i feel down i reach out to sue because i know she is so intouch with her spiritual side and she helps uplift my spirits. I call her an earth Angel n say shes amazing, but shes very humble and that only makes her so much more awesome to me. I really recommend her to anyone who feels they need insight, healing and empowerment. Thanks Sue for all that you do. I really appreciate you.

    -Jacqueline H.

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