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Steffany Barton – Second Interview Transcription

Sheri Myers: Steffany Barton – author of an incredibly compelling new book called Meet Me On the Other Side – is a clairvoyant and intuitive medium. She’s the author of a number of other incredible books about communicating with the Other Side.  I’ve even had the pleasure of having a personal reading. Steffany Barton, I’m so happy you’re back.  Meet Me On the Other Side.  Your book is a true story. What happened?

Meet Me On the Other SideSteffany Barton: I was able to be a part of it (the story) quite by accident and certainly not by my own design, but these spirits that I worked with were extremely insistent that I write the book and share the message.  The message is just so much bigger than the singular experience alone.

Sheri Myers: Absolutely.

Steffany Barton: Yeah, which has been really transformative and in a lesson in trust for me.  You know, we want to fix the physical and we want to find the cure and we want to make everything okay.  That is important to expand this concept of what’s okay or what feeling.Because in that expansion, there can be an opportunity to experience peace, whereas before … If you’re only focused on the physical outcome, then peace can sometimes be a little bit elusive for sure.

Sheri Myers: It’s extraordinary in its drama, that you were actually visited by a Spirit. Of course, that’s what you do, so why am I surprised?   but who was it?

Steffany Barton: So, I was in contact with a man who was physically across the country living from me, but it was his father’s spirit who set this entire experience in motion because he presented himself to me, and really sincerely requested that I be of service, not just to him but to his son and then to anyone who would be willing to read about the lessons that I learned.

This book is about this experience of what life is and what death is, and also what death isn’t, because that’s just as important as understanding what it is, is accepting and coming to terms with what death is not.

Because death is not an ending!  I think that’s something that can really lift some of that heaviness of grief.  When we realize that it is not a permanent end, but rather a change and something that we can grow through, even if the grief in and of itself doesn’t have a nice, neat, pretty type of ending.

Sheri Myers: Steffany, you have such a gift with words, and anyone who buys this book, be advised, please start it early in your evening because you will not go to sleep before you finish it.  The story is so compelling, thisthis amazing dance between this spirit, this gentleman who prevailed on you to help him to communicate with his son who was terminally ill, right?Did you know his son before you started?

Steffany Barton: No.  I had never met him. I was connected to him through a client.  I give him so much credit because I was a stranger, for all intents and purposes, in his world, but there was something about his openness and the power of spirit and my authenticity and everything that brought us together. It was divine appointment. I mean, it was just exactly perfectly divinely right.  So, I was so transformed and so touched by the opportunity to get to know him. Even though physically I never got to meet him, I felt very close to him throughout his last few months of his physical experience here on our planet.

Sheri Myers: The subtitle of the book is ‘Understanding the True Meaning of Miracles.’  Am I right that the first miracle you were praying for, was his healing?

Steffany Barton: Absolutely, and I think that’s what we all want… It brought me back to when I was in nursing school and my mom was terminally ill. You know, there’s that desperate wild belief in any of us, when we’re faced with that situation, that some sweep of energy will happen and suddenly everything will be back to the way it was. Everybody’s gonna be happy. All the blood work will be normal. The tumors will be gone. Everyone’s gonna be fixed, and then life can go on the way that it’s supposed to, or we think it should.

That’s what we want as physical beings, and then when that doesn’t look like it can happen or when it seems like it’s not moving in that direction, it’s very hard to reconcile what we know could be possible with what seems to be probable, and there’s where the miracle can start to work magic on us, is finding peace in a physical outcome, even if it’s not what we think we want it to be, understanding that there’s more to it than just the physical.

Sheri Myers: You have this beautiful paragraph from your book that I’m going to quote: This is what you say: “When our loved ones shift from physical to spirit, when the change in perception occurs, the sheer life force that entreats them, that gloriously sweeps them up in a wondrous, sumptuous feast of light, is irresistible.”

That’s so great!  Now, if we have never had access to what we think of as the Other Side or Spirit, what do you suggest we do?

Steffany Barton: Well, I think if you’re still really in those moments, that darkness and that disconnection, sometimes even that numbness of grief, I think the most compassionate and loving act of self-care is also an opening or a portal to connecting with our loved ones on the otherSteffany Barton, Interviewee side.  Simply to have that time where you’re quiet and you can softly listen or quietly meditate. Where your mind is just as gentle and as soft and as nonjudgmental as you can allow it to be. Then practice that state and practice that state and practice that. In time, that’s the foundation for getting those glimpses of that beautiful light that is the truth of the Other Side. So, our heart and our quiet time and our mind is truly the highway to heaven, because it is what allows us access to that true state of enlightenment that it is on the Other Side.  It’s completely accessible to us if we can align ourselves with that through quietness and through inspiration and through moments where we’re able to withdraw from some of the drama or the chaos of the world and just find that stillness or find that quietness within. We connect to the Other Side on the inside first.

Sheri Myers: Where does the culture fail us because we fear death?

Steffany Barton: Well, I think in that … I believe primarily it’s probably around this concept of a judgmental experience on the Other Side and that we have no control of what happens to our loved ones on the other side or to us on the other side.  There’s no grand, capricious, harsh judgment that awaits us. We’re learning there, just as we learn here, but our souls are not weighed or cast out or judged. That’s just not the nature of our universe. We just grow and expand and learn and change and choose and continue on.

To soften up on some of those teachings would, I think, be very helpful to many people so that they don’t fear death or fear the death of their loved ones. That’s something I see all the time in my professional work is … A client will reach out and they have a loved one who’s passed and the loved one didn’t go to church or the loved one didn’t say this certain prayer or the loved one didn’t have last rites before they died, and they are genuinely … They’re afraid to come and see me because what if their loved one is in hell because they didn’t have these last rites or they didn’t go to church.

It’s always so empowering and so healing for them to know that their loved ones aren’t in a holding pattern because of what they did or didn’t do in this world, that they’re in a place of peace and understanding and healing on the other side, because that’s the opportunity that we all have. It’s not restricted to just one particular religion or one particular prayer.

Sheri Myers: I love that. Do you have salons? You live in Kansas, right?

Steffany Barton: Yes. I live in the Kansas City area and I have an office. The majority of my work is one-on-one individual readings and group readings. I love working with families. We’ll have five or six members of the same family come in and we just … It’s like a really amazing family reunion with their loved ones on the Other Side. Then I travel and do group gallery readings or gallery presentations where a group of people gather, some related, some not, but they all come together and then I just start delivering messages from the spirits who present themselves from the other side, which is such an amazing experience and I feel so honored to be able to be that voice.

Steffany Barton: Then, of course I love to write the books so that I can share that message with those who need it in that format, and any way that I can share this love and this hope, any format that I can use to express that into the world I want to take full advantage of, because no one should feel alone. No one should feel separate. We are all connected and that connection isn’t just about the physical. Love survives. Love endures for all time and I just want every person to know that because it’s true.

Sheri Myers: Oh, yes. And the book, ‘Meet Me On the Other Side’, where are we going to find it to buy it?

Steffany Barton: It’s on  Then, I also have a number of copies that are available through my website. If someone wants a personalized copy, that would be the way to do that, is just to buy it through there.

Steffany Barton: That’s the name of my Facebook page, too, Angels Insight.

Sheri Myers: And you do a great newsletter.  It’s called ‘The Weekly Wing’, right?  

Steffany Barton: Oh, thank you. It’s my weekly ray of sunshine that I like to just put out into the world.  You can sign up on my website

Steffany Barton: I want everyone to know that there is so much goodness and there are hard times and grief is just one of the most touching and deeply affecting experience that we go through as humans, but it’s so important to know that it’s not an ending, it’s a a change and there are easy days and there are hard days, but life is here and love is present and sometimes you gotta hang onto that life breath by breath and maybe just cling for dear life, but don’t ever give up and don’t ever feel overwhelmed because love survives. Love survives for all of time.

Sheri Myers: Wow. Thank you, Steffany Barton. That was an awesome, awesome ending to a great interview. I’m completely thrilled that we got a chance to talk today. Thank you so much.

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