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Soul Medicine – The Michelle Newten Interview

Written By Sangi Dave

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Boy, did this talk stir me! When I heard Michelle Newten speak of her medical background, my ears perked up like a Boston Terrier at the sound of a Frisbee. There was a time in my life that I wanted to go into the medical field. I too wanted to be a medical professional (a medical doctor, actually) as an earth angel. #3 Michelle NewtenI thought little about money or status, but rather was enraptured with the joy of service: helping, loving and serving others in pain. I set aside that endeavor, but I have always wondered how others might combine their spirituality with their medical practice.

Unlike Michelle, I lost my spiritual connection before I finished my second decade. I retreated inside myself and “forgot” my love of service through medicine. To hear Michelle maintain her professional life as a nurse while connected to Spirit thus holds a particular intrigue for me. She says that people get signs all the time, but they are too busy, not observant or too riddled with self-doubt to trust the signs. I fall into the third category. I am very observant, never too busy to look for signs and pay attention, but I am ever-doubtful about the validity of the messages. For instance, when I am down and suddenly someone shows up in my life to give me kindness and support, I am the doubter who asks, “What if it is mere coincidence?” Yet, Michelle beckons me: “Miracles just happen when you totally tune in and believe and trust in what they can bring you.” Thank you Michelle, Earth Angel.  Nurse.

Click here for the “How to Connect with Angels” podcast interview link

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