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Sheri Leigh Myers – Writer/Producer/Podcaster

Sheri Leigh Myers

Sheri Leigh Myers on "Lit Up Soul" with Tracey Gazel

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Sheri Leigh Myers is a screenwriter, producer, activist and podcaster, keenly interested in how we can personally, culturally, politically, and spiritually transform our lives to create community based on love, truth, and equality.

Sheri hosts “How to Connect with Angels” podcast, conducting interviews with authors, channels, religious leaders, therapists and healers all over the world who work with the Angelic realm.  The podcast embodies and explores the message, “Angels are Everywhere.”

It is with this same intent that Sheri Leigh Myers and Sheridan Film Company have created My Angel Prayer on Amazon Alexa. The Skill offers FREE thirty-second prayers created and spoken by Angel Practitioners from around the world. You’ll see - taking less than a minute to listen can shift your entire day.

Sheri’s first screenplay, written with Edward Kovach, ANGEL LADY, about a strange phenomenon on an old TV set, is now a Sheridan Film Company production, set to film in El Paso with Edgar Pablos directing. Sheri and her husband, Emmy Award-winner Dan Moore, will serve as lead producers.

Recently published is her book "IT’S TOO LATE TO QUIT" - Messages & Musings by Sheri Leigh Myers, and it's available now on Amazon in both digital and print editions. Sheri additionally writes a blog titled "It's Still Too Late To Quit".

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My Angel Prayer on Alexa 






Sheri Leigh Myers on My Angel Prayer


  1. I love working with Sheri. Initially it was for the podcasts for The Glitch Movie. Then it was with the meditations and now there’s even more. Sheri has such a beautiful vision about what is coming and how it is all connecting together and I am so glad to be a part of it. I hope you will join in the movement of The Glitch Movie, the podcasts, the meditations and soon to be so much more. Join in the Angel movement.

    Thank you Sheri, for guiding us and bringing us all together!!

  2. I met Sheri when she was in town and over lunch we talked about the Glitch Movie with much excitement. She invited me to be a part of it and encouraged me to create some meditations and more. With Sheri’s help, she guided me and taught me how to use my voice in better, softer ways to help with my meditations and other things that I recorded. I am excited and honored to be a part of all of this. Sheri is doing a wonderful work to help people in many ways become who they are meant to be.

    Much love and thanks to you dear Sheri.

  3. Sheri’s vision to spread the wisdom of the Angelic Realm and unite all, is a true Love Mission. I first had the pleasure of meeting her through a podcast for The Glitch Movie, and instantly connected with her energy. It brings joy to my heart to be a part of a movement that helps teach the masses. I look forward to many more adventures with her and all these amazing souls who have united to bring others to connect and know the angels, to help them in their day-to-day life sending. Blessings to All on Angel Wings
    Many Thanks and Much Love Sheri!

  4. Susan Ellis-Saller - Life Coach Susan Ellis-Saller - Life Coach

    Sheri has such a big heart and her energy is so uplifting and dynamic! I feel honored to work with her on the upcoming My Angel Prayer project. She’s really helping the angel community – and the angels themselves – find a voice and be much more accessible in a time when the world truly needs more angelic guidance and energy.

    Sheri, you are a gem – a true Earth Angel.

    With hugs and gratitude,

  5. Sharmee Divan - Motivational Speaker, Intuitive Coach Sharmee Divan - Motivational Speaker, Intuitive Coach

    Sheri is such a kind hearted, jovial and charismatic person. The moment we talked it felt like an instant connection. She is pure magic in action and I am blessed to be a part of her work. Love you Sheri

  6. Sheri, you are one of those people that you meet and just know you have been touched by an angel! Ever since we connected a few years ago I have felt your warm presence in my life every day. You are amazing energy and I feel blessed to have experienced that in my life. Keep on shining that beautiful light of yours for the world to see!

  7. Wow, Sheri, you are amazing! You have such a clear vision to help make a difference in the world, to bring more peace and gentleness, understanding, unconditional love, and to create global nurturing community. You don’t stop there either, your vision expands and embraces US to helps us do the same in our own unique, authentic ways. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  8. Working with Sheri is a dream. Always professional, on time and on point, it could not be easier or more rewarding to be involved in any project that Sheri has put together. I am constantly delighted and amazed by the depth and breadth of her knowledge as well as the ingenuity that she brings to everything she touches. And to top it all off, she does it all with a spirit of compassion and unconditional love that makes everyone feel important and welcomed into her heart. I highly recommend Sheri and look forward to collaborating with her on even more ways to bring the angel’s love into the world. Deepest gratitude to Sheri and her work with the angels.

  9. Sheri is an authentic Cajun Angel. Her work is tireless and done with love. It is so exciting to be apart of the Glitch and all the work that Sheri does. WOW

  10. Sheri Leigh Myers is the real deal. I personally have been invited by the spiritual divinity to work with archangels to normalize the concept of divine beings working in concert with people here in the physical realm. Sheri’s calling, of bringing lightworkers who work with angels to the mainstream, is directly in alignment with my calling. I understand and appreciate Sheri’s steadfast movement toward the vision that has been shared with her. In conversations, Sheri and I are long past “I know it sounds crazy” and have moved into “How can we get it done?” Sheri’s work with lightworkers and angels is life-changing, world-changing work.

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