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Sharmee Divan – Motivational Speaker, Intuitive Coach

Sharmee Divan on the How to Connect with Angels Podcast

My Angel Prayer with Sharmee Divan

A 60-Second Prayer with Sharmee Divan


Full Interview:

Sharmee Divan is a 1st generation psychic with over 15 years of experience in the field of metaphysical sciences and spirituality. Eleven of those years have been devoted to the practice and teaching of Angel Therapy. Sharmee Divan is in a direct lineage of Dr. Doreen Virtue and her son Charles Virtue.

She is about to publish her first book titled “When Angels Come Calling". In the book, she shares her journey into Angel Therapy connecting Eastern Spirituality and upbringing to the concept of working with Angels. The book will also provide easy tools for tuning into Angelic frequencies.

Sharmee Divan lives in Mumbai, India with her husband and young son.

Sharmee Divan on My Angel Prayer

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Phone +91 9821838811


  1. Antara Iyer Antara Iyer

    Sharmee has been into Angel therapy since last 12 years and she is absolutely fantastic. I have been with her through the entire journey and I vouch that her workshops are very informative, easy to follow and in depth. She has excellent knowledge that she very willingly shares with her students and is very selfless. I wish her all the best for her future endeavours. Loads of Angel blessings.

  2. Sharmee is a Actual Pious Purest Soul, who provides her Unconditional Selfless True Love for Uplifting our Society in which she is Born.

    She is a Pure Spirit who wants to Give Back to the Society.

    Sharmee is an Golden Assets to our Society, Country & World too.

    I wish her All the Best for her Bright Future.

    God Bless you Forever Dear Sharmee.

  3. Satarupa Majumder Satarupa Majumder

    …really appreciate this inspirational material!

  4. Dr. Riddhima Gehi Dr. Riddhima Gehi

    Sharmee is an amazing instructor. Her courses have really helped me a lot. Her approachable attitude and supporting nature helps us to really evolve as an individual and a Soul.
    She is an ocean of knowledge about Angels. Wish you the best of everything always.
    Lots of love.

  5. Vaisshali Oza Vaisshali Oza

    Sharmee is amazing teacher a wonderful person. She is an true angel. Have studied lot of courses from her she is just wow when she teaches. All the best Sharmee

    Lots of Love

  6. She is very committed and is doing a yeoman service in wish her well with the lovely support of her family

  7. Way to go Sharmee <3

    A beautiful heart with a pure soul,this woman is an amazing combination. I attended all her workshops and realised that Sharmee has so many colours. A great teacher, an amazing friend and now a great coach as well.

    She is filled with angelic energies and her knowledge on angels is a way of believing with them in a mixed culture which is awesome !

  8. I was Sharmee’s yoga teacher in 2008. She was passionate about Angel readings and all things spiritual and personal development way back then. She is a thought- leader making huge waves in her native country, India.

    I have seen her in action on her live trainings & workshops and she has grown in her maturity as a presenter, healer and human being.

    She is extremely motivated to bring forth her life’s mission and play a role in impacting people, especially women and help them heal, step into their power, and all things in between.

    I can’t speak highly enough of this amazing woman.

    I have invited Sharmee to potentially work with me in my country, Australia.

    In my opinion, this women will only continue to rise and become more and more global.

    Rowena Jayne
    International Best Selling Author, Naturopath & Neuro Emotional Technique Practitioner

  9. Vinita Mestry Vinita Mestry

    Sharmee is a Divine soul and a great light worker.She has an ocean of knowledge about Angels.Really, feeling blessed to attend her workshop.She is a super trainer and amazing mentor.Due to her Angelic therapy basic workshop my life changed.Strongly recommend for her workshop.I wish great achievements for her future projects.Thank you very much for playing such an inspirational role in my life.
    Divine Gratitude, Lots of Love n Blessings

  10. Yes it’s absolutely right angels are everywhere…and Sharmee is a true being who made me more close to angels as I learned Zibu from her…
    Love u Sharmee
    Angels be with you and with everyone

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