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#1 LornaSpiritual Pressure Points” – The Lorna Byrne Interview

“Lorna’s words spoken during her deeply moving interview really touched me. In fact, there were several “trigger points” that opened me up to forgotten thoughts and experiences tucked away in the attic of my unconscious, just waiting to be discovered again. Her message immediately resonated with me when…” Click to read more.


“To Serve or Not to Serve?”  –  The Eileen Anglin Interview

“As Eileen emphatically says, we are co-creators with the angels. This is really powerful if you let it sink in. If you just listen to the miracles that Eileen has experienced, with the angels palpably present to help her avoid disasters, you have to ask yourself…” Click to read more.



#3 Michelle Newten

Soul Medicine” – The Michelle Newten Interview

“To hear Michelle maintain her professional life as a nurse while connected to Spirit thus holds a particular intrigue for me. She says that people get signs all the time, but they are too busy, not observant or too riddled with self-doubt to trust the signs…” Click to read more.


#4 Amanda - headshot

Earth Angel and Mystical Artist” – The Amanda Clarke Interview

“This was a conversation I could listen to again and again. Amanda’s voice and presence were just so fresh and youthful. Through this channel of youthful energy came so much wisdom. At the age of four, she experienced…” Click to read more.



#5 Jean Maurie Puhlman

Light at the End of the Struggle” – The Jean-Maurie Puhlman Interview

“…as I listen to Jean-Maurie, I feel a twinge of hope. She says, “If only people knew how much they were loved.”  Do the angels really love us even when we are trapped and so myopic that we can only see the negatives of our circumstances?…” Click to read more.



#6 Roseanne Heaton

When Lightning Strikes” – The Rosanne Heaton Interview

“I really vibed with Rosanne Heaton – not only because she is a fellow New Yorker with a lovely dialect that takes me back to childhood, but also because she made several statements that struck me like lightning…” Click to read more.



#7 Kim Helene Hosken

Numbers, Numbers, Numbers!” – The Kim Helene Hosken Interview

The last time I studied numbers, I was in a math class figuring square roots and sums! Kim’s work here with numbers, however, has nothing to do with linear mathematical logic. She says that these quirky and idiosyncratic number sets are, in fact, tools of communication from the angels – they are an easy way for angels to get our attention.  So, if I see…” Click to read more.


The Foofs” – The Sue Broome Interview

“So simple, yet so powerful…Sue tells us that Love is the eternal message of the angels to our ever-changing world. Love is being able to turn within when we feel annoyed with others and ask how we are experiencing the hurt within ourselves. With her lilting voice, Sue took us on a complex journey in this podcast…” Click here to read more.


Delia Carreon

“Angelic Yoga” – The Delia Carreon Interview

“We visualize, we channel, we meditate. Yet Delia shows us that the body is just as important. If you think about it, this is pretty radical. Delia opens up the possibility of using the body as communication – through yoga…” Click here to read more.



“The Double Whammy” – The Mary E Gates Interview

“There was a very strong theme running throughout this beautiful conversation with Mary E. Gates. That theme is the double whammy.  Mary brings polar opposite elements together in a powerful union of…” Click here to read more.



“Everything But the Angels” – The Tim Whild Interview

“It would seem that Tim covered everything but the angels in this podcast. Chakras, dragons, unicorns, reiki, near death experiences, past lives, Atlantis, three dimensions, four dimensions, five dimensions…At the end of the interview, I wondered why there was not more angel talk. Then I realized something. You don’t learn about angels by hearing only about angels…” Click here to read more.


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