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The NEW ANGEL LADY – MOVIE, is on its way!

Learn about the main characters, their personal backstories, their struggles and what drives them on.

You will also discover the ANGEL LADY Movie’s 0-year journey, came into being, its trials and how the idea came to co-writer Sheri Myers, her nurturing, vision and dedication that is bringing this movie to life!

Monserrat Ángeles y Arcángeles – Full Interview

Monserrat Melendes’ spiritual name is Monserrat Ángeles y Arcángeles. She was born in Mexico City and started seeing spirits at the age of 4. At the age of 13, Monserrat had her first of many experiences with Ascended Master Jesus. He told her that life wasn’t going to be easy, but he had faith in her and that he would be with her all the way. The violent death of Monserrat’s husband was the catalyst to begin her spiritual work in earnest. Now, Monserrat Angeles Y Arcangeles talks to Archangels, Angels, Ascended Masters and spirits of beloved ones on the Other Side. She is also a psychic medium. 

She cohosts two English/Spanish podcasts on Enlightened World Network: “Angelic Gems/Gemas Ángelicales” with Dr. Ruth Anderson, and “La Conexión Angelical: Mensajes de tus Ángeles” with Teri Angel.  Also, she hosts “Angeles y Arcangeles” on YouTube in Spanish only. 

Shows can be viewed on her Facebook page below. Please FOLLOW her there.

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Frederick Ponzlov – Screenwriter, Actor & Author – Full Interview

Frederick Ponzlov is an award-winning screenwriter, acting teacher and actor. In addition to appearing in many film and episodic TV roles, his first screenplay, “Undertaking Betty,” starring Naomi Watts, Christopher Walken, Brenda Blethyn and Alfred Molina, won a BAFTA Best Comedy award.

The entity of Solomon has been with Frederick most of his life. 

After years of silence, “Solomon Speaks on Reconnecting your Life” marked his powerful introduction to an international audience. His wisdom has changed lives.

Frederick lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Group and individual sessions may be booked by emailing:

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Robbie Holz – Healer, Medium, Author – Full Interview

Robbie Holz is an internationally respected healer and medium, frequent media guest and an author of the award-winning books read in 43 countries: Secrets of Aboriginal Healing and Aboriginal Secrets of Awakening. The Aboriginal healing secrets are revealed at the request of the remote Aboriginal tribes people. 

Using aboriginal healing techniques, Robbie healed herself of Hepatitis C, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and treatment-induced temporary brain damage. 

Her latest book, Vibrant Living: Braving the Pandemic with Help from Your Guardian Angel, is filled with clear directives on how to engage angels and benevolent spirit guides for help with any of today’s challenges. 

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Phone (360) 899-9339 U.S. Pacific Time (no texts)

Martha Hines – Channel and Cosmic Healer – Full Interview

Martha Alter Hines, MSW, CMT is a channel and a cosmic healer. She has twenty years of experience in the very grounded world as a psychotherapist, clinical social worker, and body worker. 

She now assists people to navigate the beautiful and often challenging experience of awakening to their ultimate, cosmic selves and souls. She has spiritual gifts which include the ability to see people’s actual souls, their energy bodies, past lives, spiritual worlds, and the energy bodies and structures of the Earth and of the cosmos. Martha, therefore, has an ability to bridge both the Earthly world and that of the spiritual and cosmic worlds and to help people to navigate this balance.

Martha is in constant communication with a wide range of spiritual energies and existences and is channeling a series of books that are voices of many of these entities. Each book is a different medicine to also assist people in their awakening journeys. The first book, Living the One Light, was published in 2018. Gaia Speaks is the second book in the series and many more are yet to come.

Martha has two beautiful children and lives in gorgeous Goleta, California. Martha loves the coast of California and feels called to be co-creating with this place for a long time to come.

Connect with Martha for mentoring and cosmic healing work at

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Tracey Gazel – “Lit Up Soul” – Full Interview

Tracey Gazel is a mentor for emerging healers. She connects empaths to their guides and angels so that they can step into their purpose as a healer. She discovered her gifts when her dad passed away. She learned she could not only still hear him talking – they were able to continue having full dialogues. He then introduced Tracey to her team of spirit guides and angels from the other side. As an empath and being highly sensitive herself, Tracey is passionate about helping others see the gift in their sensitivity. She believes if you are sensitive to energy, it is because you came into this lifetime to heal yourself, heal others and heal the world.

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Calista – Author of “The Female Archangels” – Full Interview

Calista is an award-winning author, pioneer of spiritual ascension and a magical leader who truly walks her talk.

Through creating the therapy modalities: Angel Healing®, Unicorn Healing® and Atlantean Crystal Healing™ – Calista has attuned thousands of souls worldwide to the angelic, elemental and crystalline kingdoms and believes by healing and empowering our lives we help all of Creation to thrive.

Her exciting new book, The Female Archangels – Evolutionary Teachings to Heal and Empower Your Life, is being released March 2020. Click here to pre-order today!

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Instagram @CalistaAscension

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Patricia Zerman – Author of “Twelve Guaranteed Ways to Be Free” – Full Interview

Armed with her heart and a compelling idea, Patricia Zerman founded the Atlanta Awareness Center and has been providing dynamic personal and spiritual opportunities since 1988. Her sincere dedication has effectively transformed lives.

To help her survive personal challenges, Patricia discovered tools and techniques to get to the bottom of issues. Utilizing life experience, a Master’s Degree in Psychology, and a Georgia License,  she put a broad spectrum of material to the test. The answer she found provided welcome relief, guiding her to share this knowledge.

The Center provides a specialized form of teaching, quickly getting to the root of problems. Clients learn to love and respect themselves by taking risks that most individuals won’t.

They learn to get honest, stop avoiding, and identify the conditioning that runs them, enabling the rapid release of emotional blockage. Patricia helps clients practice practical skills, the “how to’s” learning to live what self-help and therapy teach. These techniques allow individuals to live now, take responsibility, end blame, fully experience emotions, as well as to forgive themselves and others. Most important, to act independently, not through other people’s opinions.

Patricia’s no-nonsense, action-oriented approach mixes piercing discernment with forthright honesty, eliminating self-avoidance. Clients nicknamed her The Laser Lady. She shocks by teaching people they must come first and why stressing the term Selfishness with a Capital “S.” Never sell yourself short. Results speak for themselves! Visit or contact the Awareness Center via email

In her new book, “12 Guaranteed Ways to Stay Free!” Patricia explains what we do to ourselves and how to stop it. It is written with a sense of humor, filled with lighthearted illustrations, and easy to understand.  12 Guaranteed Ways to stay free offers realistic quick solutions to emotional issues… if you are willing to risk and begin the journey.

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Isabella Rose – Bella Rose Healing Hands – Full Interview

Isabella Rose of Bella Rose Healing Hands is a published author and holistic health practitioner, who specializes in empowerment and recovery, while also maintaining a diverse and extensive background in healing modalities, including Angel Energy Healing, Reiki, Aromatherapy and Braintap Technology.

She encourages and inspires others’ own creativity by touching upon their emotions, desires and dreams held deep in their heart.

She is a certified Warrior Goddess Training Facilitator, certified Angel Oracle reader and Angel Messenger, and certified Cosmic Smash Book guide. Isabella Rose is a doctoral student in the Natural Medicine program at Quantum University.

Isabella is a contributing author to the best-selling 365 Book series: 365 Moments of Grace; 365 Life Shifts: Pivotal Moments That Changed Everything ; Goodness Abounds: 365 True Stories of Loving Kindness ; and 365 Soulful Messages: The Right Guidance at the Right Time.  She is featured in the best-selling book, Soul-Hearted Living: A Year of Sacred Reflections & Affirmations for Women by Dr. Debra Reble; is author of the upcoming books, Behind the Masked Smile: A Survivor’s Quest for Love and Coming Home: A Journey Into Love; and also co-authored the upcoming book Calling All Earth Angels Healers. She is additionally a guest contributor to DandiSoul and has appeared on the Global Transformation Summit as an expert speaker on Angels and Angel Energy Healing.

She lives in New England in a small town near Plymouth, Massachusetts where she finds much inspiration for her writing and creative arts.

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Sommer Joy Ramer – Garden of Joy – Full Interview

Sommer Joy Ramer is a Compassion Games International Co-Founder, Creative Director, and Social Media Strategist. She also is the Co-Founder of SINE (Synergized Impact Network Exchange) and Garden Of Joy. She is passionate about creating connections between people and organizations who are committed to a kinder, more just and sustainable world. 

As a Nia Black Belt Teacher  she supports individuals, aligning with their highest calling as embodied joyful, compassionate beings. 

The ultimate intent through Garden Of Joy, SINE and Compassion Games is to co-create Peace On Earth by 2030. 

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