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Numbers, Numbers, Numbers! – The Kim Helene Hosken Interview

Written By Sangi Dave

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111.222.333… The last time I studied numbers, I was in a math class figuring square roots and sums! Kim’s work here with numbers, however, has nothing to do with linear mathematical logic. She says that these quirky and idiosyncratic number sets are, in fact, tools of communication from the angels – they are an easy way for angels to get our attention.  #7 Kim Helene Hosken

So, if I see a 111 flash before me such as in a street address as I am driving, it might be the angels nudging me to watch my thoughts because they are manifesting. With different sets of “three’s” having different meanings, I was transported back to a dear friendship I had in my twenties which was imbued with “Angel-speak”.  Natalie and I would spend countless moments noticing these numbers (especially 111 and 333) just pop up in life seemingly out of the blue. We would then try to decipher the meaning and message that the code might be trying to relay to us from the beyond. Listening to Kim’s podcast helped me reconnect, not only to memories of a dear friend, but also to the spiritual practices involving the angels – which had somehow gotten buried in the attic of my unconscious.

Click here for the “How to Connect with Angels” podcast interview link

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