Kevin Morris – Angelic Reiki Healer – Full Interview

Throughout his life, Kevin Morris has experienced a number of challenges – from losing people close to home, to losing a business – resulting in extremely hard times. Such tragic circumstances propelled Kevin to look for healthier ways of battling with his depression and anxiety.  

Kevin became aware of Angelic Reiki Healing in 2017, and it was at this point he had a huge spiritual awakening. He was visited, in spirit, by some of the loved ones who had been tragically taken away in his younger years – as well as by Archangels and Ascended Masters. Kevin now knew that this was what he was meant to be doing, and he felt extremely blessed to have had this experience. 

Angelic Reiki Healing is Kevin’s calling and passion. His healing has helped and will continue to help those who have not only suffered like him, but also people who would like to have a better feeling of well-being in their lives.

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Karen Tants – Spiritual Writer/Publisher – Full Interview


Karen Tants is a spiritual self-help writer and ghostwriter. Her background is in healing and working with the angelic realms for the highest good.

She has authored three books: In Silence Your Garden Grows, Soul Illuminations, and In the Presence of Angels. At Healing Pen Publishing, Karen has worked with writers and compilers, to create Sundi Sturgeon’s Warrior Women with Angel Wings, Jill Rhiannon’s Reading Between the Signs, and Calling All Earth Angels and Healers  by Dr. Geri Magee.

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Healing Pen Publishing 

The Wisdom Portal

Heaven’s Healing Angels

Suzi Ann Parrett – Clairvoyant and Angel Healing Therapist – Full Interview


Suzi Ann Parrett is a descendant of the Queen of the Romany people, also known as Gypsies. She is a gifted psychic, clairvoyant, channel, angel card reader, and medium, able to remove unwanted spirits from your life and property. Suzi is a certified Angel Healing therapist as well as a best-selling author. Every Wednesday at 1pm Eastern, Suzi hosts “Unite in the Light”, a call-in radio show, with Dianne Morgan on International Angels network.  Suzi and Dianne offer online workshops to help you connect with your angels, at “Unite in the Light”.

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Radio Show

Caroline Palmy – Heart Flow Healer Caroline Palmy – Heart Flow Healer – Full Interview

Website: Full Interview: Caroline Palmy is a Heart Flow Healer and award-winning author. She helps Empaths, Sensitive Souls, Earth Angels and Giving hearts to come…

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Sheri Leigh Myers on “Lit Up Soul” with Tracey Gazel

Sheri Leigh Myers is a screenwriter, producer, activist and podcaster, keenly interested in how we can personally, culturally, politically, and spiritually transform our lives to create community based on love, truth, and equality.

Sheri hosts “How to Connect with Angels” podcast, conducting interviews with authors, channels, religious leaders, therapists and healers all over the world who work with the Angelic realm.  The podcast embodies and explores the message, “Angels are Everywhere.”

It is with this same intent that Sheri Leigh Myers and Sheridan Film Company have created My Angel Prayer on Amazon Alexa. The Skill offers FREE thirty-second prayers created and spoken by Angel Practitioners from around the world. You’ll see – taking less than a minute to listen can shift your entire day.

Sheri’s first screenplay, written with Edward Kovach, ANGEL LADY, about a strange phenomenon on an old TV set, is now a Sheridan Film Company production, set to film in El Paso with Edgar Pablos directing. Sheri and her husband, Emmy Award-winner Dan Moore, will serve as lead producers.

Recently published is her book “IT’S TOO LATE TO QUIT” – Messages & Musings by Sheri Leigh Myers, and it’s available now on Amazon in both digital and print editions. Sheri additionally writes a blog titled “It’s Still Too Late To Quit”.

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Sheri Leigh Myers on My Angel Prayer


Princess Priceless Jewel – Empath, Medium & Intuitive Card Reader – Full Interview

Website: Jewel Intuitive Card Readings and Healing 44

Jewel is an Empath who hails from the Caribbean. She is blessed with the ability to offer deep spiritual insight; mapping out when trauma occurred into a person’s life and how it may have led to the present situation. She then offers advice and guidance from the Angels, using Angel Oracle decks, Reiki and crystals to heal blockages. She seeks to open people to receive from their highest good and be the best possible person they can be.

Priceless Princess Jewel believes that many of us are Light Workers, now Human Angels who signed a contract to heal the world and bring balance and harmony. To that end, there is a dire need to guide the Angel community to be warriors, so they may help mankind restore order.

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Facebook Jewel Intuitive Card Readings and Healing 44

Sharmee Divan – Motivational Speaker, Intuitive Coach – Full Interview

Sharmee Divan on the How to Connect with Angels Podcast

My Angel Prayer with Sharmee Divan

A 60-Second Prayer with Sharmee Divan


Sharmee Divan is a 1st generation psychic with over 15 years of experience in the field of metaphysical sciences and spirituality. Eleven of those years have been devoted to the practice and teaching of Angel Therapy. Sharmee Divan is in a direct lineage of Dr. Doreen Virtue and her son Charles Virtue.

She is about to publish her first book titled “When Angels Come Calling”. In the book, she shares her journey into Angel Therapy connecting Eastern Spirituality and upbringing to the concept of working with Angels. The book will also provide easy tools for tuning into Angelic frequencies.

Sharmee Divan lives in Mumbai, India with her husband and young son.

Sharmee Divan on My Angel Prayer

Father Joy Nellissery – Ordained Priest and Associate Pastor – Full Interview


Father Joy Nellissery grew up in Kerala, India – knowing from early childhood that he wanted to become a priest. In 1988, he was ordained in his home town, and as a priest there, offered his assistance at two substance abuse treatment centers. While serving, he was also earning his Master’s degree in Social Work from Loyola College, University of Madras, India. Father Joy now serves in the U.S. as an Associate Pastor at the Prince of Peace Catholic Church in the Hoover Suburb of Birmingham, Alabama. Find out more about his ministry at

Simon Clarke – SiReiki Healer – Full Interview

Amazon Link:

Simon Clarke is an intuitive channel and healer from Manchester, England. He specializes in distant healing in his own form of Reiki, SiReiki, that he has developed.

With this form of healing Simon works alongside the angels and guides while using the gifts of the earth to promote deep healing and well-being.

Simon Clarke’s first book, “SiReiki a New Journey” is available on Amazon here.

Simon Clarke on My Angel Prayer

Clarice Barrett – Cosmic Spiritual Awakenings – Full Interview


Dr. (Rev) Clarice Barrett, Msc. D. of Cosmic Awakenings, is an Esoteric Astrologer and Mystic, as well as a Scholar in Ancient Mysteries. She has compiled 45 years of research of the ancient texts, legends, hermetic symbols, astrophysics, and her own experiences in order to author the real story of Spiritual Truth called “The Stones of Fire” – an 8 book series that spans from 130,000 years ago to the future.

Dr. Clarice is also a renown Teacher/Advisor/ Radio /TV Personality/ Life Coach and Lecturer.

“Physics and Science without Spirituality is lame. Spirituality without Physics and Science is blind.”

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