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Light at the End of the Struggle – The Jean-Maurie Puhlman Interview

Written By Sangi Dave

Click here for the podcast interview link

Jean-Maurie’s podcast was so genuine – who would NOT connect with her message? Of course, I can only speak for myself. Let me tell you – I could not help but follow her message like a trail of breadcrumbs.#5 Jean Maurie Puhlman

First of all, she was teased and ostracized in school throughout her grade school years. I too was bullied and outcast growing up. In Jean-Maurie’s case, physical factors such as a cleft palate earned her merciless name-calling. In my case, it was my nerdiness and, perhaps also, my ethnicity that landed me a one-way ticket to the outcast group.

Just like Jean-Maurie, I too suffered from social phobia. Although I come across as socially buoyant and butterfly-ish, I too sunk into deep recesses of isolation. Just as Jean-Maurie gave up on guys, I still doubt that my quirky and colorful personality will attract a meaningful relationship. Yet, as I listen to Jean-Maurie, I feel a twinge of hope. She says, “If only people knew how much they were loved.”  Do the angels really love us even when we are trapped and so myopic that we can only see the negatives of our circumstances? I now feel that new answers are possible as I take in Jean-Maurie’s life experiences and messages from the angels.

Click here for the “How to Connect with Angels” podcast interview link 

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