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Karen Lovero – My Angelic Encounter

I was at my fiancé’s house clearing out a few things when I saw a large Angel – luminous, almost see-through clear white – standing in the closet. I was amazed and in awe that an Angel would actually appear in front of me. Suddenly I was startled by the Angel words which were “your fiancé is going to break up with you”. Then just as quickly the Angel disappeared. I stood in disbelief wondering why this Angel would tell me such terrible news. Later that evening when my fiancé returned home from work he did in fact break up with me that’s very evening. That is when I began to realize that I better listen up these Angels able to communicate some very important information. After that I began taking the angelic communication very seriously.

To LISTEN TO Karen Lovero discuss her journey and work with her Angels – CLICK HERE.

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