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Father Joy Nellissery – Ordained Priest and Associate Pastor


Full Interview:

Father Joy Nellissery grew up in Kerala, India – knowing from early childhood that he wanted to become a priest. In 1988, he was ordained in his home town, and as a priest there, offered his assistance at two substance abuse treatment centers. While serving, he was also earning his Master’s degree in Social Work from Loyola College, University of Madras, India. Father Joy now serves in the U.S. as an Associate Pastor at the Prince of Peace Catholic Church in the Hoover Suburb of Birmingham, Alabama. Find out more about his ministry at


  1. Michel Michel

    I know this to be true as my guardian angel St. Micheal saved my life less than a week ago!
    Great interview.

  2. This is a wonderful podcast to enhance our much needed spiritual selves. Thanks so much for all you do!

  3. Megan M Megan M

    This is a wonderful testament to the power of angels in all aspects of life. It is an uplifting message to hear that we are all interconnected and never truly alone. We can find angels in places, people, and in ourselves to guide us through this world. Father Joy expresses a theme of hope to those who feel cast out or without prospects, because angels are there as a guiding light as messengers of God. I enjoyed this podcast and will widen my awareness to the positive messages that present themselves to me every day. Thank you for this!

  4. Megan M Megan M

    This was a wonderful testament to the presence of angels in all aspects of life. Father Joy inspires a message of hope to those who are lost or alone, simply in need of the guiding light of angels. I enjoyed his talk of interconnectivity, and how we find angels all around us, in other people, and in ourselves. This positivity will stay with me as I widen my awareness of the messages angels may be sending me every day. Thank you for this podcast!

  5. Megan Myers Megan Myers

    I thoroughly admire Father Joy’s message of hope, especially to those who feel lost and alone. He talk of interconnectivity of life with angels, who we can find in places, people, and ourselves. I hope to be more open to the positive messages around me, possibly from my own guardian angel. In this, one would never truly be alone. Thank you for this podcast!

  6. A Lauck A Lauck

    This podcast is great! Thanks Sheri!
    Angels really ARE everywhere!

  7. Sharmee Divan Sharmee Divan

    Amazing interview and perspective on Angels! Thank you!

  8. Karen Palmer - Co-Founder of Global Peace United Karen Palmer - Co-Founder of Global Peace United

    I love this podcast the joy I feel as I listen to these interviews is beyond what I can express. Sheri is a wonderful host and her guests are always inspiring and encouraging. Thank you for the time to Connect With The Angels.

  9. Cindy Parker Cindy Parker

    I have been a Angel believer for many years…I really enjoyed the podcast….
    cindy…in Ohio

  10. He mirrors my life and the dept and knowledge is profound .Truly inspiring and motivational.Love how he embraced his calling.Loved the core values that I live and embody.Message is very much needed.There is always the need to link with the Source.We definitely can see the link. Yes very dear to my heart -Gratitude to Sheri and this amazing Interview-Angel blessings-beautiful interview-Father Joy

  11. The Glitch Movie Podcasts are always informative and joyful. So delighted to have found this place where angels abound and love is always present. Here’s to all of the earth angels that are busy doing the work of God every day. If you love angels, you’ll love the Glitch Movie podcast

  12. What a lovely interview with Father Joy Nellissery!
    He seems like a priest who really cares about his fellow humans, that they live under the protection of angels.

  13. Marilyn Wood Marilyn Wood

    I was so touched by the focus and simplicity of this interview on how angels can connect us to our spiritual intuition and each other. This is an important perspective as our. world becomes smaller, meaner, and more polarized in the public sphere. Recommend!

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