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“Everything But the Angels” – The Tim Whild Interview

Written by Sangi Dave

Click here for the podcast interview link

It would seem that Tim covered everything but the angels in this podcast. Chakras, dragons, unicorns, reiki, near death experiences, past lives, Atlantis, three dimensions, four dimensions, five dimensions… There were bits and pieces of angel references, but mostly, Tim spoke of different aspects of earth consciousness, of the evolving spiritual dimensions on earth. At the end of the interview, I wondered why there was not more angel talk. Then I realized something. You don’t learn about angels by hearing only about angels. In fact, it was by hearing Tim speak of many other aspects of spirituality that I was able to put previous discussions on angels into context. By learning about dragons, I learned about angels. By learning about unicorns, I learned about angels. By learning about Atlantis, I learned about angels. I learned about angels in their relation to everything else, as a piece in the mandala, a piece in the kaleidoscope: angels are not separate bubbles of white light; they are in relation to everything else.

This podcast excited me intellectually; but it also sparked me spiritually, emotionally and experientially. I was immediately drawn to dragons as soon as Tim described their nature. I started to work on a dragon meditation. It turned out to be one of the most grounding experiences I have had in recent times. I felt and saw within my imagination, a majestic dragon sitting quietly and with dignity in a pasture. It was almost like she was in her own dragon yoga pose! She was as big as a school bus. She taught me to ground within myself; to find strength and stability from within rather than looking to the outside. She had power in who she was, not in a power to exert over others. I have used this meditation regularly over the last week since listening to Tim’s interview.

I was also struck by how he focuses on people connecting with their soul of experiences of Atlantis during the golden period, not the downfall. I felt this trickle into my body as I listened and it really opened me. You see, I had a golden period, an Atlantean period in my own life. It was a period of continuous mystical experience, connected to Source for months on end. When the experience ended, I felt a downfall within my being. And I have spent years trying to re-connect with my spirituality, but always focused on the destruction of it. When Tim suggested that people connect to the golden times of Atlantis rather than the desolate times, I took it as a spark to re-charge my memory and experience of my actual mystical experience.

I thank Tim for the unique gifts I received listening to this conversation, and I urge you to listen as well. No doubt you will pick up on a gem or two yourself!

Click here for the “How to Connect with Angels” podcast interview link

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