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Eileen Anglin – Intuitive Life Coach


Full Interview:

4x6 PHOTOEileen Anglin is an Angelic Energy Artist, Angel Channel and Angelic Light Ray Energy Master, also a Life Coach, Teacher, Author and passionate Earth Activist.  She is the facilitator of Archangel Empowerment® intuitive life coaching and created The Path of the White Rose® LLC.  Winner of Readers Choice Favorite Angel Intuitive 2012.

“My life’s work is to create art, writings, audio tools and meditations that help guide others to connect to the Divine in their daily life and strengthen their connection to the angels. My mission is to help to awaken our evolving humanity on this Earth, the blue jewel we live on. My passion is creating global change through self worth, breaking through fear to live your true purpose and healing of hearts.”

Connect with Eileen:


Read messages from the archangels, experience angelic invocations and affirmations and purchase full length guided angel healing meditations and one on one sessions. Sign up to her mailing list and receive a free guided mediation called “Heart’s Peace.” It can put you into a place of peace, expanded awareness and balance within minutes.





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