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Earth Angel and Mystical Artist – The Amanda Clarke Interview

Written By Sangi Dave

Click here for the podcast interview link

This was a conversation I could listen to again and again. Amanda’s voice and presence were just so fresh and youthful. Through this channel of youthful energy came so much wisdom. At the age of four, she experienced an epic healing. By talking about God and the angels at school, she wove her spiritual curiosity into everyday life. By healing her mother’s migraine at the age of nine, Amanda learned that spirituality is not only useful for the epic events of our lives, but also for our everyday ills. Ever after, Amanda Clarke was launched into a life of spiritual service.

Not only did Amanda live out her spirituality in childhood, but she has grown to be an earth angel – a member of the spiritual community bringing love and light to an ailing world. As an intuitive channel, she helps others to heal and find clarity in their lives.  Amanda is a mystical artist as well, depicting animals, landscapes and feminine energy in a harmonious whole.


The sky light is often dimmed because it is nighttime, or twilight, or just a soft dawn. How interesting that when we speak of angels, we think of bright light and luminosity as core elements. Yet in Amanda’s art, we see the light softened. Here, I remember quite poignantly the message of her guardian angel that she read in the podcast: that the presence of angels arrives in different ways.

Not only was it riveting to hear Amanda’s stories and insights, but I also got a new understanding as she talked about clairsentience. I had heard the word before, but suddenly it just made sense.  Feeling is the channel that I am most attuned to.  How had I not realized this before?  Now I feel that I have language to describe my experience: clairsentience.

I was also affected by her two channeled readings.  It was almost as if the message from Archangel Michael about dealing with our fears and lower energies was speaking directly to me! I got chills as I had been wondering how to deal with dysfunction in my family and dysfunction in the world around me as political unrest is on the rise. I felt a cord connect to some source inside me as I made an effort to really connect to the world outside me. I also felt a resonance with Amanda’s second reading from her personal guardian angel, whose message was that we should be open to angelic communication in many different forms.

I feel the desire to open my senses even more to receive messages even in unexpected ways.

Thank you, Amanda, for all the gifts you bring the world – in your podcast, your art and to me!  The theme of our film, THE GLITCH, is “Everyone deserves an angel.”  

In this instance, Amanda Clarke is an Earth Angel, guiding us to connect with our Divinity.

Please gift yourself with a chance to be inspired and listen to her interview on the HOW TO CONNECT WITH ANGELS podcast.

Click here for the “How to Connect with Angels” podcast interview link

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