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Caroline Palmy – Heart Flow Healer


Full Interview:

Caroline Palmy is a Heart Flow Healer and award-winning author. She helps Empaths, Sensitive Souls, Earth Angels and Giving hearts to come back into the flow of love. Her first book Conversations With Me was published in July 2018, and won a mention on the "Janey Loves Platinum Award List".

She is currently writing her second book, Loving Conversations With Me - to be published in Spring 2019.

Caroline lives in Switzerland, with her 3 (nearly) grown kids, a Golden Retriever, a cat and 9 Tortoises, surrounded in nature.

Connect with Caroline Palmy

Facebook Group Open Hearted Sisterhood

Instagram @PalmyHealing

Twitter @PalmyHealing

Google + @PalmyHealing

Listen to her "Connect To Your Angels" Webinar for $4.44 USD by using Promo Code iloveangels

Connect To Your Angels Webinar

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