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Business One Sheet

Business One Sheet

As the Lead Producer of ANGEL LADY movie, Sheridan Film Company offers this presentation for partner and investor consideration.


An ex-con single mom exploits a mysterious glitch on her television, but her dark past threatens to derail the Angel Lady’s new life with her son.

Executive Summary

Sheridan Film Company is seeking $1 million to produce a gritty fable from the Border, ANGEL LADY, in 2022.  The following combination of elements, particular to our film, greatly enhances our opportunity for success:

Feature Film Shooting Soon: Texas 2020
  • Widespread interest in and affection for Angels.  A 2012 AP poll revealed that 77% of American adults believe in Angels. (Approx. 250 million people)
  • A powerful message about spiritual redemption that is non-denominational.
  • Edgar Pablos, award-winning director and documentarian, is attached to direct.
  • Since 2016, Sheridan Film Company has taken concrete steps to reach our global audience via our podcast, HOW TO CONNECT WITH ANGELS, interviewing Angel experts and influencers all over the world.
  • In 2019, Sheridan Film Company launched MY ANGEL PRAYER, a new skill for Amazon's Alexa, which features one-minute prayers created by angel experts from around the world. The Alexa skill is available to millions of angel lovers around the world.

With the right partners, our little film with a big spiritual message could break out into a massive hit. Please visit our Facebook to see our social media outreach to angel lovers and leaders around the planet. Please also browse our website for our music samples, crew bios, podcast and MY ANGEL PRAYER samples.