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“Angelic Yoga” – The Delia Carreon Interview

Written by Sangi Dave

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When I think of communicating with angels or higher beings, I think of the mind and heart. We visualize, we channel, we meditate. Yet Delia shows us that the body is just as important. If you think about it, this is pretty radical. Delia opens up the possibility of using the body as communication – through yoga. In fact, through her integrative yoga practice, Delia can access the angels.

Remember that the word “integrative” means to bring together. Delia is bringing together mind, body, and spirit to enable communication. There is also another way in which her yoga practice is integrative. If you look on her website, you will see that her yoga practice brings together both science and spirituality. Yoga – described here as a spiritual science – reminds me of Einstein’s famous words: “Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.” And indeed, you can hear this in Delia’s words as well. The way she speaks of resonance, for example, reflects both science and spirituality. She says “Resonance means an amplified response in a receiving system which is attuned to a mystic system, just like the radio… Just as when we attune the radio to a certain frequency, we are able to receive the signal from a radio station, transmitting on that frequency.  In the same way, the human body is connected to the universe, through the energies from the universe. Through yoga, we really learn how to connect.”

We see a third level of integration in Delia’s podcast, and that is social integration. Although there are benefits to doing the spiritual exercises alone, the energy becomes amplified when we practice with others. One of the beautiful tools used in her practice is the Angels Online Meditation Group. These are free online webinars that allow people all over the planet to come together and connect with angels.  In the spirit of integration, the website describes the angel meditation group as “bringing people together in sharing the energies of love, peace, compassion… inspired by angels and archangels.” It is just like the concept of resonance as amplifying frequencies: the process of meditating together creates a field of high frequency energy which will incress the level of consciousness of Humanity. As we have heard in the podcasts, the angels are always ready to help – all we need to do is ask!

Go to the website at to subscribe to the group for free. The group meets every first and third Sunday between 7:00pm and 9:00pm, Central Europe Time. This is such a great opportunity to experience communion with angels, participate in a collective healing meditation for Planet Earth, listen to presentations, and much more!  Delia has experienced the angels so deeply; and we can too!

Interestingly, Delia’s spiritual path began when she was a child, as often happens with highly attuned people. I especially felt drawn to her experience of being saved mysteriously, but when she turned around there was no one there. These formative experiences helped Delia to believe in angels. At first, I did not know quite why I perked up as I heard the stories. Then, a memory bubbled up that had been stowed away for years. I remember sleeping as a child in my Long Island home. It was around five in the morning when my father usually left for work. Before leaving, he would sometimes stroke our heads with love. Well, one night I felt my hair being stroked. When I turned around though, no one was there. I also did not hear the familiar creaking of the floorboards, which happened when my dad was walking away. It must have been some divine presence.

Thank you, Delia for the new insights and sweet stories to help me connect with my angels!

Please gift yourself with a chance to be inspired and listen to her interview.

Click here for the “How to Connect with Angels” podcast interview link

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