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“My son was killed 10 years ago and 16 days after he died, she went into a coma.”

“…He was hovering on her, telling her to come out of it; they weren’t ready for her.”

– Barbara Schexnayder

Dee Handy photo - Seg. 3

“My sister, she put the shotgun to my father’s head, but then she asked the angels to not let this happened, not let anybody get shot.”

“I help everybody that I could possibly help…Without any angels, we are nowhere.”

– Dee Handy


“I was getting a body work done, like massage with crystal and oils; and I was kind of in an altered state, and she turned me over on my back and I saw 2 angels working on me.”

“And now throughout my life, I got to the point where I hypnotized people to meet with their guardian angel.”

– Joan Reilly

“We were about halfway up the mountain, and I lost my balance and fell backwards like this, and should have fallen off the mountain.”

“But I felt the physical presence of a hand, and it shoved me back forward up against the rock face. And I’m still here – mother of 3 children and wife of 17 years.”

– LeAnne Boudreaux

Robert Wilson photo

“Tony was in a little boat picking blueberries on the side of the river and he fell out…And I’m thinking, ‘Jesus, I don’t know how to swim…I don’t know what I’m gonna do.”

“I jumped in the water…It’s like something was pushing me towards him…Somehow I got back to the bank pulling him.”

– Robert Wilson